Urban Commercial

Hotels that primarily serve the business traveler have special challenges on a number of fronts.

The business traveler tends to be very discriminating. He or she usually is a frequent traveler and as a result often has a fairly advanced understanding as to what features the best properties have.

Clearly a project which is to be developed primarily to serve this business segment must take into account existing and emerging amenity preferences, technologies and other trends in order to be competitive into the future.

Further, the commercial traveler generally is somewhat price sensitive, oftentimes operating on a per diem or spending his or her own funds while traveling. Not surprisingly, such guests tend to have an advanced sense of what constitutes good price/value and will patronize those hotels that provide it.

Special incentives programs often must be created in order to gain a property's fair share or more of this source of business.

Given the business traveler's tendency to travel on weekdays, most commercial hotels are challenged to find a way to generate weekend business into the hotel. Incentive programs that are directed at social travelers to fill this void must be creative and constitute a good value in order to be successful.

BVHG has had extensive involvement in all htmlects of commercial hotels, including planning, development, renovation, refurbishment, marketing and management. We have successfully operated non-affiliated independent properties as well as such branded hotels as Hilton, Holiday Inn, Radisson, Sheraton and Ramada. We know how to optimize business volume into commercial hotels via proven programs that encourage loyalty and repeat business, and translate into above market average rates and occupancies for BVHG projects.

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