During the last 25 years BVHG principals have provided the full scope of services for numerous golf projects in the United States and internationally, including feasibility studies preparation, acquisition, design, development, marketing and management.

We have provided these services for all types of golf facilities, including golf resorts, residential golf communities, daily fee courses and private member clubs. Our company's principals have taken over management of golf properties on behalf of third party owners over the years.

We have retooled club membership programs from an initiation fee structure to a refundable deposit program. We know how to finesse fee schedule and other sensitive changes mandated by project business realities without damaging member goodwill.

We know how to price and sell memberships. For semi-private facilities we are able to establish thoughtful operational programs that successfully incorporate member and daily fee player components.

We have been able to aid real estate sales efforts at a number of golf communities through the creation of comprehensive membership, bylaws and other original documents that anticipate all possible eventualities.

We know how to build additional service and value into a clubhouse operation and cost-effectively modify course physical features in order to gain more rounds and rate.

The principals of BVHG have served in a development, management or other capacity for a number of high profile golf projects during the last decade, including among others: Arnold Palmer's Isleworth Community in Orlando; the Lakeway Resort Community (Austin,Texas); the PGA National Resort & Spa (Palm Beach Gardens, Florida); Ibis Golf and Country Club (Palm Beach Gardens, Florida); the Sapphire Valley Golf Club (Cashiers, North Carolina); Keowee Key (Greenville, South Carolina); the Belfair Plantation (a private golf community in Hilton Head, South Carolina); the LPGA International (Daytona Beach, Florida); and, TPC Cancun (Cancun, Mexico).

BVHG as a company has extensive experience and a proven track record in all htmlects of the golf business on both sides of the Atlantic. We can create and manage rapid growth and we have long standing U.S., European and international golf industry contacts.

These relationships and our credibility in the golf world give BVHG a sustainable competitive advantage in the acquisition, design, development, marketing and operation of golf properties, whether the property is a golf resort, residential community, pay for play course or private club.

The additional supply of new golf courses in the U.S. will not be able to meet this higher demand due to increasing barriers to entry, such as the cost and availability of land, ecological and permitting difficulties, and increasing development costs.

This emerging supply demand imbalance that exists in many areas of the United States, a result of the Baby Boomer phenomenon and other factors, has allowed the price for golf to increase significantly, thereby creating an atmosphere in which most golf course properties can operate profitably. We anticipate that this trend will continue throughout the next decade and beyond.

International Golf

At BVHG we believe that a number of international venues are ripe for the development of very successful golf facilities of all types if well located and thoughtfully conceived. Our company is uniquely and strategically postured to take advantage of such golf development opportunities.

BVHG holds the exclusive license with The Professional Golfers' Association Limited (United Kingdom) for the development and management of golf resorts, residential real estate developments with golf facilities, golf clubs and golf academies under the designation "PGA International Resorts". (PGA INTERNATIONAL RESORT is a trade mark of The Professional Golfers' Association Limited). The focus of these developments will be venues throughout Europe and other countries outside the U.S.

The Official Professional Golfers' Association (PGA) website for the United Kingdom

Europe perhaps best demonstrates the opportunity for successful golf project development in the future. We believe the region has extraordinary potential. An understanding of the market demographics underscores this optimism."

At the present time there are approximately 5,600 golf courses in Europe, compared with over 16,300 in the U.S. This represents an average of only one for every 71,000 people in Europe (Source: EMAP, Henley Centre for Forecasting), versus one course per 17,350 people in the United States. On a per capita basis then, Europe's access to domestic golf facilities is less than 25% of that found in the U.S.

No more than 250 of the 5,600 golf courses in Europe are associated with a resort hotel property. Most of these courses are below the expectations of the sophisticated golf tourist that has experienced golf at various resorts in the U.S. and other premier venues around the world.

Although there are an estimated 5.3 million golfers in Europe, there are significant barriers to play. Some golfers would like to play much more frequently. Others would like to take up the game. Most of Europe's golfers, some 2.8 million, are members of a golf club. The high percentage of private clubs in the mix precludes the masses from play. In addition, more than half of the existing courses in Europe are not of the traditional 18 hole course layout that is attractive to tourists, with perhaps 20% under 9 holes. There are other obstacles in addition to these.

Such barriers clearly highlight the opportunity that exists at the present time for responsive and successful development of golf facilities within the borders of Europe.

Other international locations, particularly within Central and South America, Canada and the Caribbean, but in other regions as well, provide exciting new opportunities for successful development of golf facilities based on demographics that in some cases are perhaps even more favorable than found in Europe.

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