Luxury Convention

There are intricacies in designing and developing a hotel that is to have significant function and meeting space.

If it is determined via feasibility study that the hotel should have meeting space, an appropriate market- driven balance must then be struck during the design phase regarding such issues as total square footage of meeting space, number of meeting rooms, configuration of the rooms and the relationship of meeting space to guest room count.

Misreading the marketplace can result in poor design decisions and handicap the project's future success. Creating space to accommodate local social functions, corporate meetings and association business is not inexpensive and the space must show a significant return.

For these reasons it is important that BVHG be involved in a project from its inception.

Our principals have extensive experience in all requisite disciplines. We have conducted comprehensive market studies to assess the meeting demand for such projects. We know how to address the above design issues.

By being involved early in the process, BVHG has often been able to provide an important perspective regarding design of circulation space that has contributed significantly to ongoing labor savings once the project opens.

We have formed advisory boards comprised of meeting planners with whom BVHG principals have had long standing relationships, for the purpose of providing gratis advice regarding design features which their clients desire. The result has often been a sense of "ownership" on the part of the meeting planner for BVHG projects, which then translates into additional business versus the competition.

Once a convention hotel is operational, BVHG knows how to optimally sell the meeting and function space, thus ensuring that revenues are maximized from food and beverage, recreation and all other revenue sources for the hotel.

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