Destination Resorts

BVHG has enjoyed tremendous success since the mid- 1970s in developing, marketing and managing world class resorts in dynamic and highly competitive marketplaces.

Successful marketing of a destination resort demands that the prospective guest be sold on the merits of the destination itself versus other locations, and once sold on coming to your area, convincing that guest to stay at your resort rather than a competitor's.

It's not always an easy sell. Competitive pricing pressures, compelling physical advantages enjoyed by newer properties in the region, greater market demand generators for other destinations and a myriad of other factors have an impact. You don't sell in a vacuum.

You have to know the sources of potential business intimately to be successful. There must be an established relationship of trust with the business generators for the various market segments that you want to persuade in your direction. These relationships are not forged overnight. Managing destination resorts can be challenging as well. The complexities are far greater than what is typical for a hotel. There are more disparate pieces, from lodging to retail, to recreation and a variety of other components, each of which must fit together perfectly to provide a seamless and happy experience for each guest.

At BVHG we understand how to get the business and how to keep the business. We have consistently been able to generate above market rates and occupancies into our resorts versus the competition, and then build project preference in the marketplace through consistent superlative service, which translates into repeat business.

Perhaps the best example of BVHG's capabilities with respect to destination resorts is provided by the Buena Vista Palace Resort & Spa. This 1,028 room full service convention hotel and destination resort in Orlando, Florida is an Official Hotel of Disney World and is one of the premier facilities of its kind in the world.

During BVHG's ownership and management it was ranked by the international travel publication Condé Nast Traveler as one of the top 20 U.S. resort destinations and the Palace enjoyed a top 200 rating among worldwide resort destinations. BVHG principals began planning this extraordinary project in 1979, developed and opened the resort in 1983, and managed this property until it's sale in 2000.

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