Beach Front Resorts

One of the most popular recreational amenities sought by the leisure travel market segment is beach frontage.

Being on the water, or having easy access to it, can be a plus in soliciting certain categories of group business as well.

Even commercial travelers can be enticed to a beachfront resort with an appropriate corporate rate program if the resort is readily accessible to a business hub.

Thoughtfully produced "stay and play" vacation packages that target families and other leisure travelers can be highly successful, by creating significant loyalties and year-in-year-out repeat business.

Despite such positives, beachfront properties can present some special challenges.

Conditions of consistently high humidity and salt in the air have design specification implications when selecting optimal door and window hardware, wall coverings, equipment and other development components.

Special energy management and life safety programs must be established at beach front properties given the high mix of children at the resort and the presence of water craft. Maintenance requirements are more intensive for guest rooms and public spaces due to a higher load factor, i.e., more occupants per room, than is generally found in convention and commercial hotels.

Failure to understand these and related issues can result in costly near term outlays after the resort opens, expenditures that are required to remedy problems that could have been avoided through proper design planning.

BVHG has successfully developed, marketed and operated a number of waterfront properties over the years, including, among others: the Lodge & Bath Club at Ponte Vedra Beach, a luxury boutique hotel on the Atlantic Ocean in northeastern Florida; the Radisson Suite Beach Resort, on the Gulf of Mexico in Marco Island, Florida; and, the Seabrook Island Resort, an upscale golf resort community which fronts on the Atlantic Ocean in St. Johns Island, South Carolina.

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