On the face of it, providing a home away from home for the traveling public is a fairly straightforward and simple proposition: provide a safe environment, a clean room, good meals, a comfortable place to socialize, perhaps a space to hold a meeting.

The challenge of providing extraordinary hospitality has less to do with the mechanics…they're easy…and much more to do with how a company deals with the intangibles.

Intangibles, such as striking a happy balance between consistent adherence to company policy and yet perhaps "breaking the rules" to honor a guest's unique request.

Most individuals and companies in the hospitality industry learned the basics years ago. The most successful of them have spent all years since striving to distinguish themselves and their hotel or resort by departing from the script.

BVHG recognizes that exceptional hospitality is part art and part science.

It is perhaps then not surprising that we encourage a unique personality for each BVHG property, rather than imposing common corporate standards in such areas as franchise affiliation, restaurant concept or menu composition.

We recognize that our guests will be treated only as well as we treat our employees. Accordingly, we strive to make each of our employees a happy and productive member of the BVHG team. The result is continuity of personnel, support of management's goals for the property and a consistency of superlative service to our guests.

This approach has elevated many BVHG properties above their competition in a variety of markets over the years and translated into increased project revenues, earnings and valuation.

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