Spa Resorts

Resorts around the world are witnessing significant boosts in both leisure and group business associated with a growing interest in recreational, fitness and spa facilities. As a result, more and more hoteliers are increasing their property's marketability by incorporating health and fitness facilities, including spas, as core components.

People are taking better care of themselves today. Spa services for an ever-increasing number of people are no longer considered a luxury, but a way of life. They enjoy these services regularly at home and expect them when they stay at a resort. Pampering is paramount to today's resort guest.

Spa industry studies in recent years have consistently demonstrated from guest polling a strong preference for one resort over another if it had a spa. Such statistics have increasingly prompted resort owners and managers to include a spa in their to-be-developed project, to add a spa to an existing project or to update a spa that is in need of revitalization or expansion.

BVHG principals believe that a resort that offers spa services, within the physical and financial constraints of the project, should also include a fitness center and a variety of recreational offerings in a setting that befits guest expectations and the local geography.

This view is consistent with the trend of spa resorts toward a more comprehensive array of treatments, services and activities in a highly conceptualized setting. Gone are the days when spa treatments were the only concerns of a well-rounded facility. Now the focus is on a holistic approach to wellness that includes mind, body and being.

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