Receivership, Trusteeships & Lender Assignment


Buena Vista Hospitality Group (BVHG) was approved as a registered vendor for the FDIC in November 2008 to provide services to members of that agency in the following NAICS categories:
   721110   Hotels (except Casino Hotels) and Motels
   721910   Public Golf Courses and Country Clubs
   541611   Administrative Management and General Management
                                                Consulting Services  
BVHG has had extensive experience in taking over and managing hotels, resorts, golf clubs and golf communities through court appointments and lender assignments.
BVHG has handled a broad range of challenges under the appointments and assignments, including; litigation management, property refurbishment, market repositioning, club membership restructuring, renegotiation of leases and financial restructuring.
BVHG has been appointed by the 9th Judicial Circuit Court for Orange County, Florida, the 20th Judicial Circuit Court for Lee County, Florida, the United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania, the 17th Judicial Circuit Court of Broward County, Florida and the Supreme Court of Camden County, Georgia.
Lender assignments have included; The FDIC, Lennar Partners, the Mellon Bank, NationsBank, Credit Swiss First Boston, Connecticut's Central Bank, Amresco, Great Western Bank and Niagara Asset Corporation.

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